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005 《亚伯拉罕的神》The God of Abraham Praise





1 亚伯拉罕的神 在天统治万民
古今将来万世之宗 仁爱的神
伟大惟一真神 上天下地同尊 
我敬低头赞美圣名 永世无尽

2 亚伯拉罕的神 我已奉你旨意
情愿启程远离故土 往寻福地
抛弃世俗欢愉 荣禄 权势 名利
我既有主 万事俱足 靠主不移

3 主曾亲发誓言 我惟靠主誓言
也像天使振翼飞起 上升於天
亲眼见主圣容 崇敬我主大权
高声颂主奇妙恩慈 万代万年

4 天上快乐众军 大家一致颂称
赞美圣父圣子圣灵 全能之神
我众也来同应 赞美属我的神
全能全权威严的主 永世颂吟

《The God of Abraham Praise》

1 The God of Abraham praise
Who reigns enthroned above
Ancient of everlasting days
And God of love
Jehovah great I AM
By earth and heaven confessed
I bow and bless the sacred Name
For ever blest

2 The God of Abraham praise
At whose supreme command
From earth I rise and seek the joys At His right hand
I all on earth forsake
Its wisdom, fame and power
And Him my only portion make
My shield and tow’r

3 He by Himself hath sworn 
I on His oath depend
I shall on eagles' wings up-borne
To heaven ascend
I shall behold His face I shall His power adore
And sing the wonders of His grace
For ever more

4 The whole triumphant host
Give thanks to God on high
Hail Father Son and Holy Ghost
They ever cry
Hail Abraham’s God and mine
I join the heavenly lays
All might and majesty are Thine
And endless praise